Norman’s mob

lycett grandma grandpa and family around 1945George and Greville (Nobby) Lycett

  1. Taken around 1945 – Nobby and Kate (McLean), with children Jack and his wife Carmen (Farley) with their children Richard and Judith, Norma with her daughter Robyn, Dorothy and Ben (Tyrrell), Harold and his wife Toot (Smith) with their son Bruce and Mac and his wife Gloria (Lappan).
  2. Nobby front row with dog, George front row with pipe – mining days.  Is Bert in this photo too – can anyone solve this mystery!!
  3. Lycett Rhonda and familyRhonda Lycett, her mother Gloria Lycett, and her children, their spouses/partners and  her grandchildren.  Rhonda is one of Mac’s daughters and one of Nobby’s granddaughters.

Lycett Harolds mob4. Harold’s mob – how about a clearer picture guys.  Harold is one of Nobby’s sons.

This photo was taken in July 1971.  There are a couple of people missing and a couple of ring-ins.  Sadly most of the older generation, except for two remarkable ladies, have passed but the younger generation got busy and there are lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren

Lycett Norman Family Group Kay's wedding 1971


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