Some of the Northeys

Thanks for the great photos guys

Some of the NortheysVic Northey's second family


Norman’s Descendants in July 1971

How’s this for a Family Group photo – Norman’s descendants – most of them anyway (and a couple of ring ins) – taken in July 1971. Sadly all the older members of the family, except for two remarkable ladies, have now passed but there are lots of children and grandchildren for the younger generation of the family

Lycett Norman Family Group Kay's wedding 1971

Mystery young girl

Lycett Mac young boy with unknown girl cousin

This photo shows Mac Lycett with presumably his younger cousin – could be Merle Bates, 8 years his junior, Nancy Bates, 2 years his junior, Miriam Lycett, 2 years his junior but my bet is on Jean Lycett 6 years his junior. Does anyone know who the young girl is. The photo looks like it was taken near water, so Birchgrove is the likely suspect, either Wharf Road or Louisa Road