Harold and Mac Lycett do the Can Can

A while ago I posted a funny photo of Harold and Mac Lycett doing the can can at a Masonic Lodge event. I was lucky enough to find some more photos. You can clearly see the pigs head sewn to the back of their knickers when they turned their backs to the audience at the end of the performance and raised their skirts.  It was hilarious but obviously keeping in step wasn’t important


Lycett Mac and Harold Can Can Girls


Violet Lycett (nee Penson)

Violet Penson and her sister Rita were Tivoli Showgirls and I was lucky enough to find this photo of them.  Violet Penson was born in 1895 and married Ernest Lycett in 1925 so this photo must have been taken during WW1 years or not long after.

Violet Penson and Tivoli Chorus Girls01