More Lycett traits

13Sabot sailing past Waitara, Wharf Road

Many Lycetts have a love of water – whether it is sailing, fishing or just plain mucking around on the water.  George and Norman Lycett owned a lighterage company, Tay Lighterage, which meant that they travelled around Sydney Harbour fixing things on boats, delivering stuff and whatever else came up.  They owned 3 boats.  They also did boat salvage work.  When he was old enough Harold Lycett also worked for them.

George and Pheme Lycett lived, with their extended family, at Raywell, Louisa Road, Birchgrove.  This heritage listed property is on Long Nose Point and has water frontage.  Norman and Kate Lycett lived at Waitara, Wharf Road, Birchgrove, another waterfront property and they had the workshop and wharf at the bottom of their property.  The property had a great view of the Harbour Bridge.  As kids we all used to love exploring the workshop and wharf, despite our parents trying to keep us away.

Ernie Lycett and his nephew Jack also had a business connected with boats and Mac Lycett was a boilermaker working mostly on boats.

All us kids mucked around in boats.  Robyn and Young Alfie spent many hours at Raywell on the water.  Bruce, Malcolm and Ken Lycett were sabot sailors.  Robyn and her husband John Taylor are keen fisherfolk.  Judith  and her husband Macca spend a lot of time around water.

My husband and I own a cruising boat and have sailed up and down the Queensland coast many times.  We have sailed to the Kimberleys from the Gold Coast and also to the Louisiades, which is an archipelago to the east of Papua New Guinea mainland and part of Papua New Guinea territory.  Marcus knows how to catch more fish than me – he leaves me at home!!

Rhonda and Diane are heavily involved in surf lifesaving.

How many other Lycetts share this trait?