Family Gathering Update

Hi all,

We have people coming from lots of different places for the Family Gathering. Some want to catch up with people they haven’t seen for many years and reminisce about old times. Some want to check out if old “haunts” have changed. Some are making it their “annual or bi-annual major holiday” and want to take their children to see all the sights of Sydney, from the Harbour Bridge, to Taronga Park Zoo, the Opera House, etc. and even incorporate the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. Some are treating it is a networking opportunity. And others just want to meet new members of their family and have a good chinwag with them and swap stories. In any event, it will be a once in a lifetime event.

We are putting together a “working” Family Tree for display on the day. Some of the details will more than likely not be quite right and you will be able to correct any errors you find, either on the day or later on. Our aim is to have a photo for each person on the tree and I would ask that you please send me photos of everyone you have photos of so that we can incorporate them in the Family Tree. Funny photos or stories would be very welcome. Attached is a photo of my father and Uncle Harold (they are on the bottom step) doing a very funny can-can routine at a Lodge function. Dad welded cones for the ladies “bosums” and the hunt was on to find bras to fit to hold them in place. At the end of their routine they turned their backs on the audience and each one had a pigs face mask pinned to his bum. It brought the house down. I remember we went all over Sydney looking for those masks.

We also need details of some of the younger family members (5th or 6th generation down from Alfred and Edith) and would be pleased if you could help us out with any information about them.

We are also looking for memorabilia for display on the day.

If you can help with any photos or details of younger family members we would be extremely grateful as it will make organising the Family Gathering that much easier.

Kind regards
Dad and Uncle Harold Lodge event


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