Alfred and Edith’s House in Balmain

Alfred and Edith lived at Wallscourt Lodge (No. 5) for many years.  The property went down to Camerons Cove, where the family often swum.  The extensive grounds apparently had magnificent gardens and they now form part of Ewerton Park.  The property is now town houses.  (Extracts taken from Leichhardt Historical Journal No. 15 1986)

Wallscourt Lodge - Family Residence

Wallscourt Lodge surrounding area 2Wallscourt Lodge surrounding area


Chesterton Hall

Chesterton Hall, Chesterton, Staffordshire is where Alfred Arden Lycett was born on 22nd May, 1852.  Sadly, like so many English country houses, it has been demolished. Also a scene of Chesterton of Yesteryear. These photos comes from Tony Lancaster’s book Chesterton, Apedale, Knutton and Silverdale Through Time.   And an old ordance map of Chesterton

Chesterton Old Hall
Chesterton Map