Lycett Family Get Together

Hot off the press – the get together date is 7th January, 2017 all day at St. John’s Church Hall, Balmain.

Could you please let me know who is coming and give me your details, including emails.  Please spread the word to all your family members as we would like as big a roll up as possible.  Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Alfred and Edith Lycett

Our common ancestors – Alfred Arden Lycett was born at Chesterton Hall, Chesterton, Staffordshire in 1852. Edith Ellen Green Cross was born at Grevile Lodge Winsford, Cheshire in 1858.  They married at Wharton Church, Winsford in  1876 and moved to New Zealand in 1879 and lived in the Hawkes Bay area.  They then moved to Sydney in 1889 and lived in the Balmain area.  We think these photos of Alfred and Edith were taken shortly before they left England.  They had 9 children and we are all descended from 5 of those children.  The children are, in order of birth:

Alfred Arden  (died in New Zealand aged 4), Greville Hugh Norman (Nobby), (the two eldest sons were born in Cheshire), George William, James Herbert (Bert), Ethel Jane (Northey), Harold (died in Belgium in 1917 in WW1), Kent Lancelyn (died in Sydney at 3 months), (these 5 children were born in New Zealand), Julia (Bates) and Earnest Parnell (unfortunately he and Violet had no children) (these last 2 children were born in Sydney).

I am Kay Lycett, daughter of Mac Lycett and granddaughter of Nobby Lycett.  My email is  Robyn Taylor, Louise Yeomans and I are co-ordinating the big day.

We are asking for LOTS OF PHOTOS as we want to have a photo of every person on the family tree. Check out some of the photos we have so far.

We are also having a memoribilia display so please bring along anything you may have of interest , e.g. I have Uncle Earnie’s cigarette box and Judith had the christening robe worn by lots of Lycett babies.

Check out our latest news page for the latest updates


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